Peer Review Reflection

Reflecting on our peers work gives us a lot to learn from. It could be how we may look at something or interpret it compared to someone else, but the way we do analyze it differently can help our peers see our point of view. The way that I approach the revisions I do to my peers papers is try to be as beneficial as possible. When I first read their paper I do not make any comments, I will read the whole thing first or usually go by paragraphs to see how they made it flow with the rest of the paper. I personally struggle with putting things where they need to be in order. Sometimes I have a great idea but cannot seem to put it in the right placement or sometimes even struggle with how to word my thought or idea. Having someone look over the work that I did is a big benefit in my writing process to become the best writer I can be. Reading good critical feedback from my peers can help me interpret things in a way that I may not have saw it before. If I start to pick up things that my peers are saying then the next time that I write I can incorporate what I learned from them and put it into my new writing. Another strategy that I use while working with my peers is to make sure they are not only using material from the text of what we are using but also using their own point of view. It is important to use your point of view when talking about things because everyone will see things in a different way and that means if you come together will all of your ideas then it is just more knowledge that you will have. Having people look at my essays have benefitted me so much, it is a major key to becoming a better writer, and I believe you can never have enough critical good feedback from your peers.

Reading Reflection

If I look back on how this semester is going so far, I would say there have been a lot to learn. Some things that I really liked to do to try to help myself be a better writer is some prewriting strategies. Some things I like to do before I write my essays are go and read the whole speech or book or whatever it may be that we are looking at. I like to put little annotations on the side to remember what I was talking about or that may lead me to my final product in what I’m doing. Reading about ways to try and make me a better learner, there are so many. It is finding the one that works best for who you are as a learner that will make you excel in your work. Some things I think work for me as well is going back to reread what I have already written. It helps me get a good idea on things that I may have missed when I read it the first time and it also helps me get a better understanding of what I read the first time as well. While I read whatever article that we are reading I like to try and see what the main idea is about. I do this so in my mind I have an overview of what is going on in the article. Having knowledge about the article going in I believe is such at your advantage and puts you one step ahead because then most things will make sense even if it is out of context a little. Another thing I have been trying to get better at is getting better at listening to others ideas and incorporating them into my work. I think listening to others is so undervalued because sometimes people see, learn as well as interpret things differently from someone else. Having that idea that someone else may have interpreted that idea a different way you can take away what they are saying with the knowledge you have and turn it into a better overall perspective.

In Class Reflection

In the essay that I wrote I believe that integrating others ideas was a big part of writing a successful essay. This is a big part because others show you in your essay their point of view in how you are doing. Sometimes while you are writing you may think of something in your head but it may not come out clear on paper. Having the work of others go to critique your work will show you a first opinion on how you can make your sentence structures better than they were before as well as making things in the paper flow easier. For example, in my paper I described who yoshino was a little to late in the essay but having someone read it and say that it was a great way to go into describing who he was but I just needed to shift where I put in the description of him. Also integrating the ideas of other would be while you are using your quotes you took from the paper throughout the essay. When you are finding quotes in the paper to put into your essay you want to make sure that they flow nicely with what you are talking about. Having the quote connect back to where you located it in the essay is also something I try to do throughout the paper. Sometimes I have a struggle putting the right quote in the right place to make it make sense. Location of the quote you are talking about can be a big part of the essay because if you do not put it into the right context it will not make sense with what message you are trying to get across.

Identity Essay

Alex Case

ENG 123

Identity is a very big part of everyone’s everyday life. It creates who you are, how people will look at you and interpret how you portray yourself. Many people love and also hate their identity. Some may love the way that their identity comes off to other but also some people may hide their identity because they do not like who it makes them.

There are many things someone may try to hide from their identity. Someone may not like their religion or may think that they need to hide it because they cannot do something someone else may be able to do regularly. It says in the Yoshino article on page 480, “I recognize the value of assimilation, which often necessary to fluid social interaction, to peaceful coexistence and even to the dialogue through which difference is valued.” It also states on page 479 in the Kenji Yoshino article, “In our increasingly diverse society, all of us are outside the mainstream in some way.” This is saying that in the world that we live in today many people are different than other but to come together we all need to start treating each other the same with whatever identity that comes across with an in particular person.

Yoshino combines personal narrative and legal argument to lay out a new definition of civil rights. He then goes into talking about “covering” your identity. People will cover their identity for many different reasons. On page 480 in the article it says “covering has enjoyed such a robust and stubborn life because it is a form of assimilation.” When someone wants to cover up their identity the first thing I think of is hiding from people. There are so many different things that one person may do to hide their identity. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of hiding an identity is someone who committed a crime or something bad where they do not want to be seen by anyone and want to stay unnoticed by everyone. When you do something you realize you probably should not have done that would be you being your false self. False self is something most people do not understand I believe. Being your true self and not trying to hide your identity should be what everyone does. I believe this because if you have to hide something from people, are you really being you? Everyone has their own identity and it is not 100% the same as anyone else’s.


Your name is something that close friends and family members will never forget. It is what you’re addressed by from the whole world. My name is Alexander. The greek meaning of Alexander is defending of men, I was told by my parents that this was my name choice not because of the greek meaning but because they wanted my brother and I to both have names that start with the same letter. My name is simple for most people to pronounce, I also go by the nickname Alex from most people. Nice short and simple four letter nickname Im not sure how someone could mess up. I was not named after anyone that I know in particular that I know of but my middle name Paul does run throughout my family. I like my name and couldn’t picture myself having a different name.

Field Notes

1)Article on JD Martinez,

The article on JD Martinez relates very well to our school english class. I believe that it relates well because he was in a position where he was not yet there. He had made it to the pros which is an unbelievable accomplishment but he was not that star that he knew he had in him. Being a pro on the Astros but not a very at that superstar level directed his baseball career to the Red Sox. The Red Sox is where he started to excel in the outfield but most importantly his batting. J.D. realized that he had improvements to make or that he “wasn’t there yet” so he kept working hard to achieve his goals where he wanted to be. This relates to our class because we were working with the mindset yet and not yet. Having this yet an not yet mindset can get you to that superstar level at whatever skill you’re trying to accomplish.

2) Interview Noah Spagnolo,

I interviewed Noah Spagnolo, also  goes by the  nickname  “Spags” around campus. He came to the University of New England from Rhode Island for the 3+4 early assurance accelerated dental medicine program. He attended Bishop Hendricken high school which is an all boys Catholic high school. The main focus that Noah had coming to college was getting good grades to stay in the rigorous dental program he had already been accepted into. After all the years of schooling Noah would like to one day open and manage his own dental practice. He sees many perks in opening his own dental office such as the ability to make your own schedule,  earn a comfortable amount of money, and the ability to be his own boss. Noah is a hardworking, tenacious student who it working to secure prosperous future for himself studying here at the University of New England.