Peer Review Reflection

Reflecting on our peers work gives us a lot to learn from. It could be how we may look at something or interpret it compared to someone else, but the way we do analyze it differently can help our peers see our point of view. The way that I approach the revisions I do to my peers papers is try to be as beneficial as possible. When I first read their paper I do not make any comments, I will read the whole thing first or usually go by paragraphs to see how they made it flow with the rest of the paper. I personally struggle with putting things where they need to be in order. Sometimes I have a great idea but cannot seem to put it in the right placement or sometimes even struggle with how to word my thought or idea. Having someone look over the work that I did is a big benefit in my writing process to become the best writer I can be. Reading good critical feedback from my peers can help me interpret things in a way that I may not have saw it before. If I start to pick up things that my peers are saying then the next time that I write I can incorporate what I learned from them and put it into my new writing. Another strategy that I use while working with my peers is to make sure they are not only using material from the text of what we are using but also using their own point of view. It is important to use your point of view when talking about things because everyone will see things in a different way and that means if you come together will all of your ideas then it is just more knowledge that you will have. Having people look at my essays have benefitted me so much, it is a major key to becoming a better writer, and I believe you can never have enough critical good feedback from your peers.

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