Reading Reflection

If I look back on how this semester is going so far, I would say there have been a lot to learn. Some things that I really liked to do to try to help myself be a better writer is some prewriting strategies. Some things I like to do before I write my essays are go and read the whole speech or book or whatever it may be that we are looking at. I like to put little annotations on the side to remember what I was talking about or that may lead me to my final product in what I’m doing. Reading about ways to try and make me a better learner, there are so many. It is finding the one that works best for who you are as a learner that will make you excel in your work. Some things I think work for me as well is going back to reread what I have already written. It helps me get a good idea on things that I may have missed when I read it the first time and it also helps me get a better understanding of what I read the first time as well. While I read whatever article that we are reading I like to try and see what the main idea is about. I do this so in my mind I have an overview of what is going on in the article. Having knowledge about the article going in I believe is such at your advantage and puts you one step ahead because then most things will make sense even if it is out of context a little. Another thing I have been trying to get better at is getting better at listening to others ideas and incorporating them into my work. I think listening to others is so undervalued because sometimes people see, learn as well as interpret things differently from someone else. Having that idea that someone else may have interpreted that idea a different way you can take away what they are saying with the knowledge you have and turn it into a better overall perspective.

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