Field Notes

1)Article on JD Martinez,

The article on JD Martinez relates very well to our school english class. I believe that it relates well because he was in a position where he was not yet there. He had made it to the pros which is an unbelievable accomplishment but he was not that star that he knew he had in him. Being a pro on the Astros but not a very at that superstar level directed his baseball career to the Red Sox. The Red Sox is where he started to excel in the outfield but most importantly his batting. J.D. realized that he had improvements to make or that he “wasn’t there yet” so he kept working hard to achieve his goals where he wanted to be. This relates to our class because we were working with the mindset yet and not yet. Having this yet an not yet mindset can get you to that superstar level at whatever skill you’re trying to accomplish.

2) Interview Noah Spagnolo,

I interviewed Noah Spagnolo, also  goes by the  nickname  “Spags” around campus. He came to the University of New England from Rhode Island for the 3+4 early assurance accelerated dental medicine program. He attended Bishop Hendricken high school which is an all boys Catholic high school. The main focus that Noah had coming to college was getting good grades to stay in the rigorous dental program he had already been accepted into. After all the years of schooling Noah would like to one day open and manage his own dental practice. He sees many perks in opening his own dental office such as the ability to make your own schedule,  earn a comfortable amount of money, and the ability to be his own boss. Noah is a hardworking, tenacious student who it working to secure prosperous future for himself studying here at the University of New England.

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