Artifact 2

Alex Case

Ocean Club as it is now is a revival of an old club also called Ocean Club that fell apart after the then current leaders graduated in spring of 2017. It’s mission is to help clean up the ocean and beaches around the coast of the school and Maine to make them as clean as possible as you know some people do not like to clean up after themselves. I contacted one of the leaders of the club Renee Roth and she gave him the information I needed for my assignment, she was in the club when it was running before the people graduated in the spring and really like it so it was her idea to make the club become up and running again. This club is interesting to me because as someone who did not live near the ocean in my small town in Connecticut it makes sense that people who have been around to cherish how beautiful our environment around us really is. To get involved into this club is very easy, you need to attend the meetings that our held or just show up to the events that they put on. The ocean club is looking to make a good impact in our world which I believe is a very good cause, most things just get brushed out of the way but if it was not for good people volunteering and going to clean up our beaches and things around the ocean who knows what potential garbage and mess it could end up looking like.

If someone was to go and join the ocean club I believe it would benefit them in many different ways. One way I see is that it looks good as a general human being. Most people in their free time will go out and do things that mean nothing to the world which in the end may end up littering on these beaches and causing a mess that was not there in the first place. If you sign up for this club not only would it be a good resume builder as it shows you are active with your community but you want to do good in the world and make a change where changes are needed. This would enrich your college experience to join this club as well because you can meet people that also want to make a change in the world for the better. Joining the ocean club has many benefits that I can see and I believe that if you want to be a better person and go help and explore the wonderful environment around us in Maine this is a wonderful option. The ocean club is here to teach you and help make the world a better place.  

artifact #1

Alex Case

September 5, 2018


High School Life

I believe my high school experience was the best that it could have been. I say this because everyday that I showed up to school I got to see family that worked in the school, my neighbor who was our principal and all my friends that truly made high school some of the best times of my life. In school I did not have some of the best habits and I wasn’t the best student. My mindset was not to go to school and try to get all A’s and B’s, it was basically just try to make it through the day and do whatever work I could in classes to get done, otherwise it wasn’t getting done.

The things that I was most dedicated to doing in high school would definitely be sports. I say this because some days I would have no motivation to go into school at all but if it was a game day you could probably count on me being in school early whether it was in the gym shooting or just there looking forward to the last bell ringing. I wish my approach in high school was different, although I still made it into college with what I think was a pretty low grade point average I was I read more of the books, stayed more engaged throughout some classes and took the advice people all around me were giving me to try and help. Looking back on high school it really was a blast to me being able to see my friends everyday in the halls whether it was into between class or even during class on the bathroom break we all loved to take for twenty minutes. If we were able to go back and redo high school I do not think I would have wanted to any other way. I truly did enjoy the high school life but I also am glad that I have moved on to bigger and better things.